Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal Landscaping border gives a beautiful appearance to your house. We have many designs and colors to choice from. Some of the designs include, ashlar, paver, basketweave, tile, slate, cocoa bay tile, brick, random rock, slate texture, cobble stone, offsent bond, random stone, flagstone, brick bond, and custom score. Decorative concrete has 5 different types of choices to choice from for concrete edging and curb appeal. Frist, we offer a natural gray, which is plain concrete with no color added. We offer a single color edging with solid colored concrete. Decorative concrete does impression, which is a solid colored concrete with authentic masonry grout lines. Next we do a two-colored stamp, a solid colored concrete with a distinctive stamped pattern. Lastly, we do a three-stamped overlay which is a colored concrete overlay with a distinctive texture and stamped pattern. Extremely hard,glossy and stain resistant. Concrete edging is very easy to maintain and provides excellent curb appeal. Concrete edging is the best alternative for resident application and commercial as well. When we start the border we design the flowerbeds or customer are able to use their own design. We cut 7inch wide trench and we level the ground before applying the concrete border. Then we began with our own mix DOT sands with cement type one. Everything is measured in equal parts and we then mix it together for five minutes. We add concrete fibers for strengthen. The concrete border has to be cut every four feet for expansion joints. For some borders we use colored hardener, which is a mix of proland cement and very fine sand .We then apply color hardener on top of the edging and we smooth the color harder and stamp it if the costumer choices a deign. The advantage of having a concrete border is that it keeps the rocks or mulch in place and it is very easy to trim next to it.